I’m Done!









 There is only one thing that I find funnier than a black republican and that is Dave Chappelle going back in time to shoot slave owners.  Because Michael Steele is the Republican gift that keeps on giving, he is the beginning of the week dumbazz.  Don’t be surprised if you see Steele or Michele Bachmann later in the week.




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6 responses to “I’m Done!

  1. I laughed at “where was the support for me when I was….”
    There wasn’t any support because he’s absolutely useless, nothing to do with his skin colour. Steele is chairman of the RNC, because he’s black and the GOP are trying unsuccessfully to suggest that they’re not the old, upper middle class, grey haired white man party of the past…. which actually, they still are.

  2. eehard

    They’ll always be the same party with the same ideas. Steele is a moron who actually thinks he’s on a par with Obama.

  3. My God…you can’t make this stuff up. Steele actually said there is no jealousy on his part toward Obama. They need to put Steele’s name in the dictionary as a synonym for egomania.

  4. eehard

    Maybe Steele should go pray with Sarah Palin. Since he is waiting on God to tell him to run for president and Palin is already president of Alaska and all of Russia that she can see from her house. Maybe someone should remind Steele of two words: Allan Keyes.

  5. I’m much more interested in the Bristol – Levi breakup! What’s the *real* scoop? You that if she had been a Democrat, then Sarah herself would have been screaming how this shows the Dems are so immoral etc but when it happens to a “good” Repub, then anyone who point sout the hypocrisy is made to look like some scumbag. When will Rush condemn all this, as he would if it had been Obama’s daughter left pregnant and single?

  6. eehard

    Anarchist, I am not People Magazine but my spies at the Associated Mess may dig up something on the young hillbillies.

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