North Korea! eehard Goes Hawkish.











Is it just me, or is anybody else getting sick and tired of North Korea and its half a fucking retard dictator Kim Jong Il?  Yesterday, he and his backwards ass country fired a long range missile that flew over Japan and then fell harmlessly into the Pacific Ocean.  I know that I would not be to pleased to be a Japanese citizen even if North Korea was just shooting off fireworks.  I find it amusing that the North Korean state run media proclaimed that the communications satellite launch was a complete success and that the sweet songs of the Dear Leader were being broadcast from space.  To bad the poor dumb bastards in North Korea don’t have any electricity to listen to Dear Leader’s rendition of Mama Mia.

Ordinarily I don’t want my country interfering with the affairs of another state.  But North Korea has got to go.  In its present form it represents a clear and present danger to its neighbors and the rest of the world at large.  North Korea is the bully in the playground of the world and I am sick and tired of it kicking sand in our faces.  Nothing is more indicative of this than North Korea’s missile launch hours before President Obama’s speech on weapons proliferation in the Czech Republic yesterday.

Former President George W. Bush invaded the wrong damn country.  We should have shocked and awed that little kimchi eating son of a bitch!  The easiest way to take care of a bully is to punch him in the mouth.  We should have put a precision guided missile up Dear Leader’s ass! That, along with the upper echelon of North Korea’s command structure, and a million foot soldiers would have went home to their mothers.

As much as I hate to admit it, North Korea got exactly what it wanted.  By disguising an obvious weapons test as a satellite launch, North Korea can avoid United Nations sanctions, which Russia and China would veto anyway.  This puts President Obama in a precarious position.  How does he avoid the appearance of being weak?  He can’t get what he wants from the United Nations and he can’t act unilaterally.  But what he should do is to let Dear Leader know that we know what his game is and that if he wants to continue down this path we haven’t forgotten how to go cowboy!  And to remind him that our missiles don’t fall harmlessly anywhere.



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3 responses to “North Korea! eehard Goes Hawkish.

  1. Nick, the Dear Leader is just engaging in some good old fashioned “bribe me” tactics. he fires off some facsimile missile he built with Leggos and then covered with metal to freak everyone out so the U.S. will pay him off not to do it anymore.

    Besides, recall that Bush put him in the Axis of Evil and then invaded one of them for no good reason other than to avenge Daddy. A logical reaction to that is to develop a deterrrent when a wacko American President thinks a “preemptive” invasion is OK. If you can take out a few million Japanese, maybe the U.S. will think twice about another Iraq. If Saddam had a missle, Jerusalem would have disappeared as the U.S. tanks crossed into a Iraq.

    The idea the we use our power “wisely” is a myth.

  2. ptfan1

    “Ordinarily I don’t want my country interfering with the affairs of another state. But North Korea has got to go.”

    ee sounds like you and FN have been reding from the same manual on situational ethics.

    “If Saddam had a missle, Jerusalem would have disappeared as the U.S. tanks crossed into a Iraq.”

    Anarchist you wanna try that again? Wasn’t that the whole point at the time?

    • eehard

      The operative word is “if!” I would not be too happy as a Japanese citizen to have a North Korean rocket fly over my island. If that little troll Kim Jong Il shot that missile over Alaska there would no longer be a North Korea.

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