When I wrote my blog “Tantric Sex” a while ago, I had no idea that it would become eehard’s most read blog of all time with slightly more than 1.000 hits.  This tells me several things.  Number one, there’s a bunch of freaks out there and number two, there’s a bunch of freaks out there.  Since I have about ten core readers I have undergone an internal investigation to uncover the phenomenon that is Tantric Sex.

I like a little visual imagery to go along with by blogs and after I Googled “Tantric Sex” I settled on the picture that you see above.  What I did not realize at the time is that the computer saved the picture as Khajuraho7 and I did not give it a second thought.  I was just impressed with the sexually explicit architecture.  There is something about a sculpture receiving an eternal blow job that really fits in well with our philosophy here at the Associated Mess.

Since “Tantric Sex” first appeared, the top two search terms on my dashboard have been Tantric Sex and Khajuraho.  I have come to the conclusion that those who search for Tantric Sex are for the most part middle aged women looking to spice up their sex lives.  My advice to them is to find a young boyfriend and get all they can while their husband is at work.  Either that or invest in the latest technology.

Those who use the search term Khajuraho are either junior archaeologists or are too cheap to pay for their porn like the rest of us.  Seriously though, Khajuraho is a tourist location in India home to temples that honor the Hindu Deities Shiva and Vishnu.  As I mentioned, a lot of the architecture is sexually explicit.  Imagine that!  Gods who don’t mind a little sex; hear that God and Allah?  Please click the Khajuraho link for some beautiful photos and a brief history lesson.  I hope that you found this blog Tantrically satisfying.



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3 responses to “Khajuraho!

  1. This is even funnier than the original Tantric Sex post. I like how the Associated Mess keeps up with breaking news stories, even when they happened a thousand years ago.
    I looked at many of the photos, and my first thought was wow, they sure knew how to have fun back then. My second thought was, eating rice must really be good for you. I mean, look at the…well whatever. Must have been the original version of Wheaties.

  2. eehard

    The Associated Mess takes pride in shamelessly bringing sexual content in all its forms to the general public.

  3. Fakename has to keep reminding people that she has high blood pressure and should not be exposed to stress 🙂
    Like the guy with the horse…

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