Obama’s Swagga!



















OMG!  When I saw this I wanted to change the channel to Fox News.  Why do people engage in this type of behavior?  CNN should be fined by the FCC for televison crimes against humanity.  This is scarier than watching Fakename go down the Soul Train line.



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5 responses to “Obama’s Swagga!

  1. Hey eehard, I think you should just hug it out 🙂

  2. eehard

    Lol….. I am much more the fist bump type.

  3. ptfan1

    OK esplain what you find offensive in that story cause I thought it was ok.

  4. eehard

    it’s just that kyra phillips is a little too excited about obama’s swagga, thought she was going to strip and jump t.j.’s bones.

  5. ptfan1

    yeah ok she was a bit toooooooooooo whatever the fuck you call it, can’t think of the best word…….maybe “phony”

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