Miss California!







































What a day it may turn out to be.  Miss California, Carrie Prejean may be stripped of her crown today for violating the beauty pageant’s code of conduct against taking nude or semi-nude photographs.  So this startling development pushes all of that less important shit like torture and failing banks to the curb.  The Associated Mess cannot believe the hypocrisy of the organizers of the Miss California Pageant.

Apparently the organizers have a problem with the above photograph and no problem what so ever paying for a boob job  and then parading her in front of the cameras for millions of people to see and to give Donald Trump a boner as the photo below shows.  Here at the Associated Mess, we find it extremely difficult to discern the difference.  Okay, that’s complete bullshit.  We see twice as much tit action in the beauty pageant photo.  And that is hypocrisy at its finest.


















We don’t know how far down the alphabet we go to classify used and washed up celebrities but for the purpose of this report let us say “D List” celebrity Perez Hilton is responsible for this uproar and unfair treatment of an innocent white woman.  Any time you ask a beauty pageant contestant a question other than “What is your favorite color?” you’re asking for trouble.  It seems like Mr. Hilton had a hissyfit when Miss Prejean answered his question concerning gay marriage in a fashion that was not to his liking.  Mr. Hilton responded the following day on his website that “Miss California was a dumb bitch!”  Ouch!  A brief visit to Mr. Hilton’s website clearly shows why he is bothered by Miss Prejean’s opposition to gay marriage.

The Associated Mess firmly believes that the exploitation of young women in events like beauty pageants must come to an end sooner rather than later.  Furthermore, If you ask anything other than what her favorite color is, don’t be surprised or offended at the answer you get.  Until the day comes when we no longer have to endure sexists beauty pageants, we like our contestants to have big tits, a tight ass, and a pretty smile; not necessarily in that order.  We do not expect them to be able to explain Quantum Physics.



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4 responses to “Miss California!

  1. I’m always glad to see the Associated Mess staying on top of current events. If further research is needed, I recommend the June issue of Cosmo.

  2. eehard

    Would that be the one with badass orgasms and taking your man for a ride he wouldn’t believe?

  3. Miss California may it more profitable to be Miss Nay (or any other month) in a gentleman’s magazine.

  4. eehard

    After they take away her title, she may be reduced to doing exactly that. Being the spokesperson for a marriage group probably doesn’t pay that well.

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