Single Payer!

















Watch as we repeatedly get fucked by our government!  Barack, you better get your black azz on track with the country.  We voted you in and we can vote your azz out.  Make the wise choice and get out of the hip pocket of corporate America.

One trillion for the banks with more possibly coming and the single payer advocates can’t even get a seat at the health care table?  Something is rotten in Denmark and the smell is even worse in Washington.  What ever happened to getting rid of the special interest groups in D.C.?  Get the insurance industry out of health care now!



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2 responses to “Single Payer!

  1. MzCynic

    ee, I so agree with you and I don’t know why we aren’t rioting in the streets about health care for all. Get the damn insurance comapnies away from the table in regards to our health.

    There is a single payer program already in place, it’s called Medicare, so no new money would have to be spent to just expand that program. I support this wholeheartedly.

    Dr. Ray Bellany, Tallahasee, FL, is a strong advocate and is working tirelessly to help bring about this change in America. Those who are satisfied with their insurance programs can keep them, those who have none will be insured under an inclusive single payer system.

    BIG PROBLEM – there are not enough family practice doctors in our country to service a big influx of new patients and not enough students enrolled in our medical schools. They are one of the lowest paid starting doctors. The pediatric doctors are the lowest, according to chart I Googled.

    When I moved back to Tallahassee (didn’t like the one I had when I left), I called Capital Medical Society and asked for names of MD’s who took new patients with Medicare and a supplement and I got 6 (SIX) names!!! That’s it in all of Leon County. Six doctors who take Medicare with a supplement and new patients – that’s a crime.

    Then, the assistant will ask what medications you take and watch out, they can get you on this one. If you take some targeted toward some time-consuming, dangerous problems (such as cancer), they can and will refuse to take you and all they have to say is we’ll full right now.

    Sorry to ramble, but health care is such a serious problem in our country and doctors won’t take the time to get to know their patients – 15 minutes and you’re out the door.

    Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (I consider decent health care to fall under pursuing happiness, so declared in our Constitution).

  2. eehard

    Hello Cynic, nice to hear from you. I don’t know if the real problem would be a shortage of doctors. What we need is a preventative healthcare system instead of the sick care system we have now.

    We can start by removing growth hormones and high frutcose corn syrup from the food supply. We need to rid low income areas of fast food joints and increase the number of grocery stores.

    And we need to reintroduce physical education into the school system. The number of obese kids is disgusting. I agree with you, we have to get the insurance companies away from the table.

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