The Sarah Palin Chronicles! Writing a Book.











 I knew that it was inevitable!  It was only a matter of time before Sarah Palin decided to write a book about her personal life and political career.  Which, in and of itself, is funny because I wasn’t aware that the Moose Maven from Wasilla knew how to read, let alone write.  It was announced yesterday that News Corp., owner of Harper Collins, owned by Rupert Murdoch will publish the book sometime in the Spring of 2010.  I heard about this while watching Hardball with Chris Matthews.  Matthews brought up a good point; who is going to write the book?  We know that if Palin writes it, it will be done in crayon or lipstick.  My bet is that there will be a ghost writer or a collaborator. 


In other Palin literary news, Playboy has announced that Palin’s daughter Bristol will appear in next month’s edition.  Word is that she will discuss the merits of abstinence only education accompanied of course, by some tastefully done photographs.  The Associated Mess has obtained an advanced copy of the magazine and unedited transcript where Bristol was heard to say changing baby Tripp’s diaper “Damn I should have made that bastard use a rubber!”

















Until the next edition of The Sarah Palin Cronicles we leave you with this word of advice.




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6 responses to “The Sarah Palin Chronicles! Writing a Book.

  1. ptfan1

    lol well at least you’re consistant. (most of the time)

  2. eehard

    You know very well that I can’t let the Wasilla Hillbillies off the hook. I still think I won our bet concerning Sarah but you are off the hook because Nino’s closed down.

  3. ptfan1

    I had 5 favs in Tallytown; The Warf, Ninos, Mom and Dads, Che Piere, and the Glass Slipper. Mom and Dads and I go wayyyyyyyyyyy back.

    WTF did we bet on?

  4. eehard

    We bet on the impact that Sarah Palin would have on McCain’s campaign. When she couldn’t name anything that she read or thought that being next to Russia gave her foreign policy experience kind of lost it for you.

    Both Ninos and the Wharf have closed their doors.

  5. As has Silver Slipper!

    With the book deal, Sarah can afford to buy some clothes….

    And just where did she donate the campaign wardrobe? Do I have to wait for the book?

  6. ptfan1

    The wardrobe belonged to the GOP lololol

    Well EE you pick where ever you want to eat. I declare you winner! I don’t wealch. Now when I get up there I’m not sure but if FSU hosts a Super Regional that’s a good bet. Depends on the kids. If they want to/can go to the games.

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