Lingerie Football League











Somebody please wake me me up!  I must be dreaming.  Some genius has combined two of my favorite things in the world; scantily clad women and football.  The Lingerie Football League begins play in September with ten teams scattered across the country.  There must be a God!  Now I can watch half naked women tackling each other without mud or jello getting in the way.



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9 responses to “Lingerie Football League

  1. Hmmm…sounds like “Cowboys Espresso” in Seattle.
    Bikini-wearing ladies dishing out hot coffee. Heard there’s 19 of these now.

  2. This brings new meaning to the term “Fantasy Football”.

  3. eehard

    Never heard of them Anarchist but a Hooter’s version of Starbucks works for me.

    Fakename, give the league a call, I hear that they are looking for a commissioner.

  4. Well, um, remember when Sarah Palin said she’d be happy to accept the nomination for Vice President if somebody would explain to her what the Vice President does? Well…like that.

  5. eehard

    As commissioner in your best lingerie, you’ll have to instuct me (director of league discipline)on how to properly spank the ladies who committ rules violations.

  6. Well if that’s the case, I’ll have to insist that my lingerie come out of the League Discipline Committee’s budget.

  7. You’ve outdone yourself ee. That is totally disgusting. But….I hope Anarchist was paying attention to the original slide show. There is a perfect example in one of the photos of a tramp stamp.

  8. eehard

    Fakename, didn’t i tell you to stop hatin on my video? I am pouring the tolerance juice now…

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