The Original Donkey Show Mariachi Band!


















 Photo courtesy of Cibermito.  Click photo to see full size.

The Associated Mess has expanded it’s media empire to include blog CD sales.  In our first offering we present the the Original Donkey Show Mariachi Band.  A compilation of some of America’s top conservatives show off their musical talent.  Some examples are:

Boss Limbaugh – “Oxycontin and Underage Dominican Boys Go Together,” and the unforgettable “Colin Powell Spanks His Republican Monkey.”

Lou “Tex Mex” Dobbs – “Cruising and Picking Lettuce is Not For Us,” and “Canadians are Nothing but Northern Mexicans.”

Ann Coulter with her number one smash – “My Dick is Bigger Than Yours,” and “The Left Sucks and Swallows.”

Glenn Beck’s chart topping  – “Obama is the New Hitler” and “Real Men Don’t Give a Shit About Crying.”

Sean Hannity, who could ever forget his classic – “I Get Water Boarded Like a Whore Takes Penicillin,” and “Alan Colmes Was My Bitch.”

Bill O’Reilly and his all time favorites – “Keith Olbermann is my Daddy,” and “Don’t Hate Me Because I am a Dumbass!”

You can have all 24 tracks for free! Just go to my Paypal account and pay for shipping and handling.  Only $35 measly dollars.  I f you act know within 20 minutes I will also include  bonus tracks of Michael Savage’s “I Ain’t Eating in no Mexicam Reastaurant,” and “Great Britian is Full of Pussies!”

Hurry!  Don’t be left out of this amazing offer!


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