Jump! Jump! Jump!












Over the weekend a would be Chinese suicide candidate got a little help from a frustrated bystander who had been forced to wait in traffice for 5 hours.  Gotta love that national unity.  Story here!




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2 responses to “Jump! Jump! Jump!

  1. I don’t understand what these people are saying, but by their facial expressions I can tell that one of them is saying, Look…I just left Publix and my ice cream is melting. This brings new meaning to the saying, “Lead or get out of the way.”

  2. eehard

    When I first heard the story I was shocked that someone would do something like this. I believe I read in a BBC report that this bridge has sort of become a Chinese version of lover’s leap. But what is funny is that it appears that the jump can’t be anymore than like twenty feet. It kind of reminds me of jumping off of the el in NYC.

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