Bill O’Reilly’s jihad against Dr. George Tiller – Daily Kos TV (beta)

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This is my protest of the senseless and brutal murder of Dr. George Tiller on Sunday during church services.  I tried to log onto Operation Rescue’s website today with no success.  I guess in the wake of the murder their servers got overwhelmed.  I understand that they had a Tiller watchlist on the site that was sort of like a countdown clock on his life.  News reports have reported that it has since been taken down.  Bill O’reilly should be tarred and feathered.

Goddamn Ameirca and it’s senseless religious zealotry and pathetic gun laws.  The powers that be at Operation Rescue make me sick to my stomach.  I hate the bastards! 



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8 responses to “Bill O’Reilly’s jihad against Dr. George Tiller – Daily Kos TV (beta)

  1. O’Reilly should be charged with complicity to commit murder.

    See my satire piece:

  2. ptfan1

    The issue here is very clear. A man is murdered while operating within the law providing services that others contract for. It is the ultimate contradiction of purpose, to kill in order to impose religious intolerance in the land founded to escape religious intolerance. It is perhaps a disservice to his memory to blur the issue of gun control. The clinic had been attacked in many ways, all illegal, even though there are laws on the books to prevent.
    The killers are equal to the homicide bombers and deserve swift and decisive justice. I use the plural because from what I read it is plausible Dr Tiller’s death was the result of an ongoing conspiracy. I wonder if O’Reilly contributed any hard cash to the terrorist organizations that stalked Dr. Tiller. Surely he too will have to answer for his actions and complicity on “judgment day.”

  3. eehard

    How about that? O’reilly will have to wait for his judgment day while his venom may or may not have inspired a lunatic to impose his own judgment and gun down a doctor in church.

    I don’t have any particular love for Dr. Tiller and really don’t like what he did but he did not deserve to die.

    Which is why I can’t give the gun lobby a free pass. It’s all intertwined. Sane people like me don’t need assault rifles and a gun locker full of handguns. I know how to handle and fire weapons but i derive no pleasure at putting a slug through a bullseye fifty feet away.

    It’s the crazies out there that worry me. You know the kind that can snap and murder three policemen. It’s just that I’ve never had the need for a gun to make me feel safe. i am sorry to have gotten off topic, I guess I am just venting now…

  4. I never can get my mind around the idea that it’s ok to kill in order to preserve life. (By their twisted logic.) I noticed that the alleged killer appeared in court today from his jail cell rather than be brought into open court.

  5. MzCynic

    ee, first, you don’t know the circumstances of why these women are having late abortions and you might not like it, but it is the law of the land and stay out of a woman’s body. I am surprised at your response to what Dr. Tiller was doing.

    There are certain abnormalties that appear in the last 3 months of a woman’s pregnancy. Some of those abnormalties could be horrible deformities, severe mental conditions, etc. Also, if a pregnant woman has been in a horrible crash in her last trimester, things could really go wrong in her womb. This is why we have late trimester abortions. Other terrible, terrible things can happen in the last 3 months and an abortion at any time is a medical decision made between a woman and her doctor – period.

  6. eehard

    Fakename, it was probably a safety issue. There is probably some whacko waiting to whack the first whacko.

  7. eehard

    Cynic, I wholeheartedly agree with a woman’s choice to do what she wants with her body. However, I don’t have to like the practice of abortion.

  8. MzCynic


    Having been involved in the pro-choice movement for almost 3 decades, I know no one who stands with me who favors abortion. We would prefer abortion never happen again, however… (you know the rest about good sex education, birth control, reporting rape instantly, etc.)

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