Police Deliver An Ass Whipping!


Complete beatdown video here!



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4 responses to “Police Deliver An Ass Whipping!

  1. Jack Meoff

    That cop has rage issues, and needs a long vacation.

  2. eehard

    Jack, I once told a cop that my name was Jack Meoff and I was promptly cuffed while spitting out concrete.

  3. This police officer went totally psycho for some totally inexplicable reason of his own. He is nowhere near representative of the police officers I’ve known, or know now. But it makes you understand why people could be afraid of the police, since it would be just your luck to encounter one of these psychos at the very moment they go crazy. I am personally pissed off at the female officer, who should have taken out her own baton and bashed her partner in the head with it.

  4. eehard

    it appears that the female oficer made several half ass attempts to stop her partner but i agree with you that she should have whacked her partner.

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