The Myth of Reverse Racism!

Let’s be perfectly honest here.  To hear any white person in this country call a minority a racist is at best, a fool, or at worse, just a dumb son of a bitch.  When I hear people like Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich refer to Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor as a racist, they fall into the latter category.  Like the unicorn, reverse racism is a fairy tale and simply does not exist.  To his credit, Gingrich is backing away from but not apologizing for his remarks.  There is a distinct difference between racism and having the power to oppress minorities and me standing on the corner yelling “fuck whitey” while the world keeps on moving around me.

My argument is strictly based on the history of this country and in the words of the Washington Post’s Joel Achenbach:

“Looks like the familiar ‘African Americans can be racists too’ theme is popping up again. It’s probably a good time to address our functional definition of ‘racism.’ Is it merely taking positions that favor ones own ethnic subculture? Is it supporting or not supporting a candidate/potential employee/potential in-law because of skin color? In that case, I would suppose that ‘racism’ can be generic among all ethnicities.

“But the history between Caucasian-Americans and African-Americans has, of course, been a bit more complicated than that. In this history, ‘racism’ has been used as a justification for the oppression of African-Americans. I’m talking about segregation, vote-suppression, lynchings, anti-miscegenation laws, ‘sunset’ laws, and various forms of codified discrimination in housing, employment, travel, etc. This oppression is what is commonly regarded as ‘racism.’ And this oppression was never visited upon Caucasian-Americans.

“So, can African-Americans be ‘racists?’ Yes, if you deny the last 300 years of oppression of African-Americans.”

And we cannot ignore that history as much as one side would like to.  The whole concept of reverse racism/discrimination was born during the Reagan years along with his welfare queen and Affirmative Action being reduced to a code word, “quotas.”  When you control the narrative and the tools to disseminate the ideas, you can pretty much get people to believe what you want them to believe.  The George Carlin joke about how stupid the average American is comes to mind.

What we can be (minorities) is prejudiced. They are equally repugnant but being prejudiced does not carry the same power as racism. One is a systemic practice to oppress while the other is an ignorant attitude.  The dictionary defines prejudice as:


1. an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason.
2. any preconceived opinion or feeling, either favorable or unfavorable.
3. unreasonable feelings, opinions, or attitudes, esp. of a hostile nature, regarding a racial, religious, or national group.
4. such attitudes considered collectively: The war against prejudice is never-ending.
5. damage or injury; detriment: a law that operated to the prejudice of the majority.
–verb (used with object)

6. to affect with a prejudice, either favorable or unfavorable: His honesty and sincerity prejudiced us in his favor.


7. without prejudice, Law. without dismissing, damaging, or otherwise affecting a legal interest or demand.


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15 responses to “The Myth of Reverse Racism!

  1. Good distinction between “racism” and “prejudice.”

  2. eehard

    Thank you! People really need to know the difference.

  3. You’re a racist idiot. Try to evolve a bit before posting in the public sphere.

  4. eehard

    Coming from someone who lives in creek water I am real impressed with all the thought you put into your comment. Did you stay up all night thinking that one up?

  5. ptfan1

    “One is a systemic practice to oppress”

    Well I doubt I will impact your opinion and all the distinctions you have listed. I do not in anyway dismiss or deny the history that you refer to and that we all know between black and white…….it is simply incomplete. I have personally seen black racism towards whites in Florida Government. It existed as early as the 80’s and was rampant, public and very damaging to the morale of state bureaucracies. Certainly not hangings, vote suppression nor segregation but definitely conspiratorial suppression through the power of appointment and denial of promotion. Couple that with the power to sanction grievances and you have oppression of a race

  6. eehard

    Pt,the situation that you describe is a few isolated incidents within a state agency and that is unfortunate. But I am addressing the overall history of the United States.

    While I was out of Florida for most of the 80’s I am not sure that the purported discrimination was perpetrated at high levels. I just don’t think at that time that blacks had any real power in state government. However, I could be wrong. Can you cite anything in writing other than your eyewitness accounts?

  7. ptfan1

    “Can you cite anything in writing other than your eyewitness accounts?”

    The short answer is no! There was no internet then so information dissemination was different than today. Of course my eyewitness accounts are enough for me.

    But the situation was more complex than that. To summarize, there was no one higher than a cabinet level position involved in the oppression except through “benign neglect.”
    Those who saw and understood what was happening were so unprepared for it that they simply had no action plan to deal with it. Many, myself included, were lucky, we had the option to leave and change employment.

    The stories were not “big” headlines and did not make the front page of the States newspapers or 6 o’clock news. There were no marches or demonstrations just recognition and resignations. Maybe only 5000 white people in Florida felt it. A relatively small and insignificant amount. I can not speak to other States with certainty although others remarked about it, I have no first hand knowledge.

    Nothing good that can be said of racism and it can never be justified. I do not believe that today it is limited/caused by skin color or ethnicity. I believe it is more universal and stems from the primal tribal mentality of the human condition. We live in a bi-polar world my friend, humans are ever human. The result of “us vs. them” is a zero sum world.

    I pick my windmills carefully these days and they are mostly about teaching basic life skills to my children and grandchild. Others can joust at the issues of the day.

  8. eehard

    There is no way that I am going to call you a liar. I wasn’t there. But let me ask, was it a case of the handwriting is on the wall? or a blatant act?

    I am a little unclear as to what you mean by oppression through blind neglect. wouldn’t that imply a mistake rather than a plan to oppress?

    I know that you’ll do right by your grandchild. aren’t all of your children grown?

  9. ptfan1

    EE not blind neglect………

    Benign neglect

    A policy or attitude of ignoring a situation instead of assuming responsibility for managing or improving it.

    It went like this, the candidate (lets call him Bob) wanted to be Governor but was not widely known outside of his home community. So he needed a bunch of votes that would spread across the state. ie Teachers Union, so he got the President of the Teachers Union (let’s call him W) to campaign for him. The business community was firmly in the other guy’s camp (let’s call him Jack.) Bob won and was so grateful that he gave W what he wanted, Secretary of a state agency. An agency Bob had publicly stated he didn’t think much of anyway. So W had carte blanch. He hired his friends and they hired their relatives some of whom were not citizens and didn’t understand English very well but still set policies.. W publicly stated to whites that “this ain’t gonna be your decade.” He told sexist jokes to mixed audiences and his staff harassed whites in every way they could dismissing those who would not knuckle under and keep quiet. These guys won reelection so he was there for 8 years.

    I personally was involved in several situations and witnessed the systematic oppression of white employees in firing, denying promotions, reversing promotions, and in a most inappropriate abuse of ethics. The rational was, “it’s our turn now.” It was based solely on race. The office for EEOC was the worst offender conducting predetermined investigations of ethnic grievances.

    Not bitter about it, just the way it was. I got out and did better being out but I was one of the lucky ones. Some veterans who were “double dipping” had to tolerate it or lose their second pension.

    “I know that you’ll do right by your grandchild. aren’t all of your children grown?”

    Grown children are still my children. I am the sole surviving Adult in their blood line and they have a need/desire for parental contact.

  10. eehard

    W publicly stated to whites that “this ain’t gonna be your decade.”

    That was wrong on so many levels but I had to laugh at it. Call it my George Jefferson moment.

    It really is hard to believe that that type of behavior would have been tolerated. It’s also hard to believe that no one tried to do anything about it.

    I understand about the need for parental contact. For a minute there, I thought that your old azz still had a child at home. 🙂

  11. ptfan1

    “It’s also hard to believe that no one tried to do anything about it.”

    The fox was guarding the hen house. Formal grievances were ruled against in 95% of the cases. There was, as always in cases of opression, an underground railroad of discussion. Most of the employees were not “leadership level people” they mostly all had good hearts but were there hanging on becuase they had no where else to go.

    I was very fortunate for a while……..until I wasn’t. But then a man came along and offered me twice what I was making to do essentially the same thing in another arena. I jumped at it.

  12. eehard

    I really find this story fascinating. You should write a blog about it. What state agency was this?

  13. You’ll notice that I have taken my time about replying to this. First, I’d like to commend you for your reply to “jonolan”. There is a time for debate, and then there is a time for ass-kicking. This guy couldn’t debae his way out of a paper bag.
    Having said that, it really disturbed me that you were offended by my post on Sotomayor. You and I always agree…always. And this really is no exception. It’s just that we use different words to describe the same thihg.
    Your definition of prejudice is my exact definition of racism. Your definition of racism is exactly the same as my definition of discriminaion. Having the power to put your misguided and wacko beliefs into practie.
    So as pt points out, it’s perfecty possible for minorities to discrimiate.
    Since you specified “in this country”, I guess I’m not allowed to use examples from other coutntres where minorities have opprssed majorities. Like Iraq. Or Rwanda.
    It isn’t about skin color. It’s aboit power, who has it and who doesn’t.
    Fairly soon, Caucasins will become the minority in the U.S. Who you gonna blame then?
    The law says that you can’t discriniate on the basis of race. It doesn’t say that that is only if you are a minority race,
    Fair is faur.

  14. eehard

    “Fairly soon, Caucasins will become the minority in the U.S. Who you gonna blame then?”

    I don’t think that matters much. I still believe in the Golden Rule. I don’t believe that I am blaming anyone for anything….

  15. ptfan1

    So as pt points out, it’s perfecty possible for minorities to discrimiate

    Actually, what I said was/is that it is perfectly true that minorities can be racists.

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