Tribute to Michael Jackson!


Prison Michael Jackson Tribtue

Remember a few years ago when the prisoners at a Philippine prison did the infamous Thriller dance in the prison courtyard?  Word is that it dramatically cut down on prison violence.  The Warden there was a visionary.  Now if we could only get those chuckleheads out in those California prisons to follow suit.  Imagine the Northern  and Southern Mexicans, the Aryans, and the brother’s coming together through dance to overcome their differences.  Okay, I deserve to be slapped for even mentioning that.

But the Filipinos are at it again as they pay tribute to the late great Michael Jackson.  Story here!



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3 responses to “Tribute to Michael Jackson!

  1. It worked in the Beat It video. It is great seeing all the fans come out all at once. My favorite video is “Smooth Criminal”.

  2. Yes, it is the time the U..> catch up to my birth country’s advanced prison rehab techniques…!

  3. eehard

    ROFL, I’d like to see you get some Bloods and Crips dancing together.

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