Progressing Our State!


The imminent resignation of Alaska Governor and ptfan1 pin up girl Sarah Palin came as a great shock and with a bit of relief  when the announcement was made late Friday afternoon.  I mean, who would have thought that the narcissistic Palin would voluntarily step away from the spotlight.  To understand the severity of the situation; try to think of Anarchist paying full price at a Las Vegas hotel.  That’s the shock value.  The relief came because I momentarily got Fakename to stop talking about the ravishing effects of this week’s stomach virus.  Take some Pepto and go lay down!

In a hastily prepared news conference attended by a couple of ducks and the Governor’s family, Palin continued her tradition of giving incoherent and rambling remarks.  I could make fun of her but the New York Times columnist Gail Collins and the acerbic Maureen Dowd have done a much better job of it than I ever could.  Only Sarah Palin could cite how other people’s determination and dedication inspired her to quit.

But anyone who watched the new conference came away with more questions than answers.  I think that despite her proclamations of wanting to help children, her real motivation is money.  You can almost see Rupert Murdoch foaming at the mouth to throw millions of dollars at Caribou Barbie.  The “You betcha” and “Gosh darns” would be a goldmine for Fox News even if they threw her under the bus on Sunday.  Watch!

I was fully expecting her to come clean and admit that she had an emotional love affair with Klondike the polar bear while hiking alone in the ANWR province.  It would have been the perfect Republican tri-fecta.  On a serious note though I think Sarah Palin has had an epiphany and has realized that her intellectual ability or lack thereof was never going to produce the results she so obviously thinks she’s entitled to.  Maybe it was the Vanity Fair article that pushed her over the edge.  Maybe it is the greed of all the money that awaits her as a private citizen.  Whatever the case, Goodbye Sarah.  Don’t come back anytime soon.



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7 responses to “Progressing Our State!

  1. Wow I never thought I’d say this, but…Go Fox! And check out Ross Douthat in today’s NY Times. Ross is the resident conservative there since they either fired or “accepted the resignation of” Bill Kristal. Never did hear what happened to him.
    Oh, P.S.–Anarchist paying full price in Vegas–I may never recover from that one!

  2. eehard

    Isn’t he now the editor of The Weekly Standard?

  3. He was even when he was writing for the NY Times.

  4. And, ahem, you are going to feel very bad when I turn out to have cholera, or ebola, or malaria and waste away to nothing.

  5. eehard

    Come on drama queen, you’ll be fine after three weeks on the shelf.

  6. ptfan1

    “Maybe it is the greed of all the money that awaits her as a private citizen. Whatever the case, Goodbye Sarah. Don’t come back anytime soon.”

    lololol You wil no doubt see more of her now than ever before. And she will make more money than being an elected official.

    And btw no narcissist would knowingly burden herself with Trig. Narcissits require unconditional love and adoration and have none to give, it is all used up for their own flawed self image.

    Sarah has called and audible in her life and once again she is the message……….just don’t know what it is yet……..but it smells green to me.

    Get used to her, she will follow you to your grave as the (fill in the blanks)…….you can not escape her. Just try:) You are like most of America, caught in her reflection.

  7. eehard

    No need to give me a life long nightmare PT. I hear her book advance is in the 7-11 million dollar range. She may be a dumb politician but she’ll turn out to be one hell of a capitalist.

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