Michael Jackson’s Memorial Service!


I had absolutely no plans to watch the memorial service today for Michael Jackson.  I don’t do funerals or weddings.  Weddings, because it is pretty much a funeral anyway.  And funerals because I have no desire to see someone laying in a $3,000 box and listening to words that would not have been spoken had that person still been alive.  I have no use for the dead!  But I couldn’t escape the service today.  It was either that or watching the Food Network and I pretty much hate Rachel Ray.  What was truly amazing is that BET (Black Eradication Television) aired the service which in and of itself is remarkable because during 9/11 they refused to cut away from their videos.

There were two moments during the service that stood out for me.  The first was the Rev. Al Sharpton addressing Michael Jackson’s children when he said “There was nothing strange about Michael Jackson but rather the circumstances that he had to deal with were strange!”  This particular statement prehaps drew the most applause of the entire service.  I felt that it was a bit odd to make this statement.  It gives legitimacy to the things we all don’t want to talk about.  I have previously written on how I want to remember Michael Jackson.  I don’t want anyone to disparage what he meant to me as a fan and admirer.

The second moment was at the end of the service when Michael’s daughter Paris bravely stood up in front of 18,000 people and told the world how much she loved her daddy.  I felt a tear well up in my eye.  Watch!

“Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives.” – A. Sachs.  You certainly lived Michael.  Goodbye!  Slideshow curtesy of Huffington Post.



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2 responses to “Michael Jackson’s Memorial Service!

  1. The entire CBS evening news tonight was pretty much the memorial, and when his daughter spoke, it tore me up completely.

  2. eehard

    It was a very moving moment!

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