Hitler Gets Banned From XBox Live!



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5 responses to “Hitler Gets Banned From XBox Live!


    Did you notice all the other variations?
    Some of those were very good….such as Hitler Scammed On ebay; and Hitler the Florida Gators Fan.

    You should see the variations lined up on the sidebar. For the two above, you can also do a search at YoutTube for Hitler eBay and Hitler Gator.

  2. eehard

    I saw them. I was going to do a series of them but smart people such as your self have probably seen them all by now. LOL

    • Did you see the one about Hitler being an unhappy Florida gator fan? That was great!

      I also like the one about him being scammed on eBay and the one where he learns he’s being made fun of on YouTube.

  3. eehard

    LOL… I’ve seen them all except the Florida Gator one. Can you send me the link?

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