One Small Step…!

Today marks the 40th anniversary of man first walking on the moon.  I was only six at the time and I can vaguely remember watching with my parents as Walter Cronkite proclaimed that we had st foot on the moon.  Now if Walter Cronkite said that we had set foot on the moon, then, by everything that is holy, men did set foot on the moon!  But what moon did they actually set foot on?

Here is an interesting article from CNN on the subject.  For the record I think that men actually went to the moon.  But someone really needs to explain why that flag is blowing in the wind when there is no wind on the moon.  Anyway NASA fights back in this article.  And they do explain the mystery of the flag.

Landing on the moon may have been one small step for man but I still refuse to see that giant leap for mankind!



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3 responses to “One Small Step…!

  1. ptfan1

    Only those with serious mental health issues can deny the moon walk (s).

    Giant Leap……..politics got in the way again…….but the leap was to unite in a non partisan way and demonstrate that “a republic so dedicated can long endure”

  2. eehard

    A lot of my older relatives (all deceased now) claimed that it was a hoax. But they were all fucking crazy anyway

  3. ptfan1

    Yeah I got one in my family too, course he also believes that Kennedy and Elvis are living in that never never land where they faked the moonshot. I guess Michael Jackson is next.

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