Dummies Talking To Dummies!



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7 responses to “Dummies Talking To Dummies!

  1. However, it is fact that John McCain was not born in any of the 50 states.

  2. eehard

    True! But he lost and the Repukes suck!

  3. MzCynic

    Can’t see Bill Mahar clip, HBO took it down – the commies!

    BTW, on one of my readings about “birthers”, someone said the law said “natural born in US OR born of at least one parent who is US citizen outside of US”.

    Sounds like Obama fan to me. LOL

    • The “law” deals *only* with who is a citizen. I am a U.S. citizen because of that “one parent” law but it has requirements. Such as coming to live in the U.S. for at least 5 years before 22 or you lose citizenship. A friend of mine lost U. S. citizenship for not doing that.

      For President, you must be a “natural born” citizen per the language in the Constitution.
      I wonder how “natural born” differs, if any, from “native born”? I do not believe “natural born” has ever been defined by the Supreme Court.

      And there is interesting Constitutional case law about citizenship and the applicability of law/Constitution outside the U.S.

      The Philippines was a U.S. territory from 1898 to 1946. My mother was born there during that time to non-U.S. citizens, BUT she and every Filipino born then had no claim to U.S. citizenship. Why not,if it is a U.S. territory?

      Many Western states were territories before becoming states. Does that mean all those folks born before statehood were not U.S. citizens and could not be President? (Hawaii did not become s state until 1959….)

      There are still many territories, such as Guam, American Samoa, Marshall Islands, etc. Are folks born there citizens? Can they become President?

      Also, Guantanamo Bay flies the U.S. flag as a military base but Bush said the Constitution does not apply there vis a vis the detainees. So does that mean a kid born on that base cannot be President?

      Seems to me either that base is U.S. soil for ALL purposes or for no purpose.

  4. I believe the Supreme Court ruled that Guantanamo is U.S. soil. Obama was born in 1961, but his mother, in any case, was a U.S. citizen–wasn’t she born in Kansas?

  5. eehard

    Good point Anarchist. I am still pissed they took down my video. Every other part of the show is available on You Tube.

  6. eehard

    The video has been restored!

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