The Real Housewives of Atlanta!


Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on with this show?  I didn’t even realize that this was a show on television at all until I saw a bunch of quiz answers being posted on Facebook asking which housewife of Atlanta are you?  All I could think about was that Facebook was propagating another worthless quiz to waste people’s time.  I really don’t know anything about this show but I watched three minutes on Hulu and had to turn it off.

Never in my life in the span of three minutes have I ever seen a group of self indulgent, narcissistic, and shallow women in my life.  This reality based trash in no better than As The World Turns, The Middle Aged and Beautiful become Bold and Restless while straying from the Guiding Light. You can take the girl out of the ghetto but you never can take the ghetto out of the girl.  Which proves my old adage that you have to be born with class, it cannot be purchased.  The producers of the show could save themselves a vast amount of money if they just consolidated the entire production into an Atlanta public housing complex.

This misnomered reality show is an insult to the working women/housewives that conduct themselves in a manner that demands respect.  While the dialogue may be unscripted the situational encounters the ladies find themselves in is.  Which begs to the popularity of this show among African-American women.  The question is, do you find your lives so mundane that The Housewives of Atlanta provides some form of escapism from the daily grind or do you just find it entertaining television?

Whatever the case may be, I am not here to cast judgment on anyone.  This is a free society and everyone is entitled to watch what they want to.  It’s just that in my humble opinion, none of these ladies would be or are portrayed in a positive light.  If that were the case, I guess that viewership would cease to exist.  So in that context, what does that say about ourselves?  We need to control our own images and not in the Tyler Perry sense.  I’d rather watch The Color Purple.  Fat Chance that is going to happen.  Here’s a novel suggestion, pick up a book!



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6 responses to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta!

  1. MzCynic

    Believe it or not, there’s also a “Real Housewives of New Jersey”. I’ve never seen either, have no intention of seeing either and think they’re all sluts!

    Husbands will dump them when they can no longer botox their faces or the cosmetic surgery makes them look like Joan Rivers. Who are their husbands anyway and maybe we need a TV show on their lives.

  2. eehard

    LOL… The real husbands of New Jersey are all probably members of the Sopranos.

  3. I was aware of, but never stooped to watch, the Jersey housewives; first I heard of the Atlanta ones.

    But watch out…the BIG one is coming: the real housewives of Sopchoppy! 😉

  4. eehard

    Leading contestants are Repubtallygirl and E4BH.

  5. eehard

    I bet he is saying the same thing right now!

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