Guns & Protests!

obama, downtown phoenix

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” –  Second Amendment to The United State’s Constitution.

I am growing increasingly concerned with the mindset of certain Americans.  I can laugh off the “Birthers” that think President Obama was born outside of the United States making him ineligible to hold the office.  I can outright dismiss the “Deathers” who believe that healthcare reform will create death panels and euthanize grandma.  But what I can’t dismiss is the danger posed to both the President of the United States and the general public by these gun toting and wielding whack jobs.

For the record, I absolutely abhor guns.  There is only one purpose for a gun and that is to kill.  So know you can understand my uneasiness when I see angry people carrying loaded firearms and assault rifles on city streets.  In particular, anywhere President Obama happens to be at a town hall meeting or delivering a speech.  Just because you have the right to do something, doing it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are right in exercising said right.

Take the guy in the video for example, he’s marching (in other videos) up and down the street like he’s Glenn Ford in “High Noon.”  Yet, he refused to give his name to anyone trying to interview him.  In the interview he seems happy to just be able to parade his arsenal around while espousing right wing talking points.  It was also estimated that at least a dozen people attended the protest with loaded weapons.  Angry people carrying loaded weapons at healthcare protests are a recipe for a disaster.  We should all be thankful that violence did not break out.

Now my take on all this is that these Second Amendment pussies who feel that they have to walk around with guns are sexually inadequate.  The gun is their metaphor that projects manliness and power that they fail to achieve with their penises.  I am not a psychologist but I firmly believe that it is hard to be a man with a gun in your hand.

There is nothing wrong with owning a gun if you need to hunt to put food on your table.  There is nothing wrong with owning a gun in your home for self defense.  There is also nothing wrong in owning a gun if you want to go to the range and shoot at targets.  But when you bring a gun to a public rally or protest I believe you violate the intent of the Second Amendment.  Which in and of itself is the subject for another blog.

Sooner or later, we as a nation will have to address the Second Amendment.  I firmly believe that the Founding Fathers truly intended that this pertained solely to the militia or future armies, not so, that a few whack jobs could walk the streets projecting their false sense of power!

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18 responses to “Guns & Protests!

  1. lockeanddemosthenes

    This is scary indeed. Unfortunately, any move to modify the second amendment will result in another uproar from the political right, which would create a whole new battle over the “limiting of freedoms” by a “socialist” government. For survival or protection guns are fine, but to carry around at a rally during a time of anger, fear, and hatred – I agree this is over the line and it needs to be corrected.

    Also, I believe Freud would have greatly enjoyed your paragraph on guns as a relation to sexuality.

  2. eehard

    Thanks for the remarks. As for Freud, everything was about sexuality to him. LOL

  3. Well Nick, we will disagree on this one. To me this is not much different than when the Black Panthers legally carried weapons openly in California in the 60’s and 70’s and the police freaked out. I had no problem with the BP’s carrying weapons.

    I do not believe the BP’s ever illegally used those weapons. The police were the ones who were looking to assasinate and otherwise provoke them. Those weapons were for needed self-defense against the police.

    Also, I read on CNN or USAToday that no one was allowed to have a weapon within the perimeter defined as a “federal venue”, because then state law is irrelevant. Federal law precludes carrying a weapon to a federal venue. So there was some distance between the weapons and the area where Obama was. And you can be sure local police and federal agents were watching the weapons closely.

    If it is legal, then I have no problem with it. And I think it should be legal.

    As for the “militia” issue, that interpretation would not be consistent with all the other amendments, which all deal with “individual rights”, such as free speech, etc. To think that the framers stuck in one amendment having to do with the States while all the others have to do with individual rights means they were very sloppy in their procedure.

    I think there’s lots of evidence that the framers put in the original amendments just in case years later someone wanted to claim that all those rights which were “self-evident” at the time were not rights. Just think about what it might be like be today if “freedom of speech” was not in the Constitution.

    Now if you want to push a constitutional amendment repealing the Second Amendment, that’s a more straightforward approach. Let’s see what support that would have.

    Now I would never carry a gun in public. But I’d like to carry a samurai sword. I wonder what the law says about that!

  4. Why does a law abiding citizen scare you? There are many out there who aren’t showing there guns, who do have them on them, who should scare the heck out of you.

  5. eehard

    Anarchist, Just because something is legal doesn’t make it right. The majority of Americans do not walk around with weapons because we live in a relatively safe society. If everyone carried weapons we’d have people being shot for cutting the line or stepping on someone’s foot by accident.

    If it were up to me I guess I’d rather amend than repeal the second amendment to take away the ambiguity of the language. I don’t have a problem with gun ownership but I would limit it to hunting and home defense. All of that open carry and concealed weapon permits would be banned.

    I don’t think your samurai sword would be banned. If it is, just tie it to a gun and call it a bayonet.

  6. eehard

    twistedmuser, Anybody that carries a gun in a non law enforcement capacity worries me because I don’t know the motivation that compels them to carry a weapon.

    • I hear you but I’m more worried about those carrying them illegally. Yeah the guy with the rifle was a little showy and he was trying to make a point, but he was legal and did nothing wrong. I wonder how many crosshairs were on his head the whole time he was there!

      • eehard

        I can’t answer about how many crosshairs were on his head but I bet the Secret Service would have been on him if he sneezed.

  7. ptfan1

    “Glenn Ford in “High Noon”

    It was Gary Cooper:)

    I don’t think that its smart politics to carry guns to political venues, but it’s legal.

    I hate that the media tries to label health reform opponents with the sensational antics of the few, branding the right as nut cases, it’s just like giving a dog a treat, makes him beg for more. There are many millions who do not need health care reform and maybe a few hundred that are demonstrating extremism. The media should report the news but show the true numbers and perhaps people would not be so damn angry.

  8. eehard

    I need to take Westerns 101. LOL

    Everybody needs healthcare reform. Because those with it are paying for those that don’t have it. And the way that premiums are rising,soon, nobody will be able to afford it. That’s why a public option is essential! What do the insurance companies bring to the table anyway?

  9. I think this guy has to be a paid plant. In all the town hall forums, when have you ever seen a black person? Not once. Now the first one you see has an AK-47? Give me a break…

  10. Ok, so I don’t know guns any better than I know sports 🙂 But still, I can’t believe the only conspiracy theory I ever came up with turned out to be true! Can you post that link to Huff?

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