Women’s History Month

Juanita Goggins had lived for 16 years in the rented home where she was found dead.

In February we celebrated Black History Month.  Most of my friends posted facts on Facebook, some known and some unknown.  But here we are, halfway through March and I haven’t seen one post on Women’s History Month which happens to be this month.  I don’t know if people are aware of this fact or that everything has been obfuscated by all the new friendships, Cafe World, and Farmville notices that are making Facebook increasingly unbearable to use.

I’d like to honor a woman that frankly, I’d never heard of before this week.  That woman’s name is Juanita Goggins.  She recently froze to death in he home and her body was not discovered until two weeks later.  That’s a horrible way to go.  As she aged, Juanita became a recluse and may have suffered from some form of mental illness or dementia.  Which is kind of sad considering the life she led.

Life of Juanita Goggins

1935 Born to sharecroppers in South Carolina

1972 First black woman to represent South Carolina at the Democratic party’s national convention.

1974 First black woman appointed to the US civil rights commission.

1974 First black woman elected to South Carolina legislature. Served three terms.

1976-80 Twice invited to the White House by President Jimmy Carter.

1977 Instrumental in passing a law that remains the basis for education funding in South Carolina, helping to reduce class sizes.

1980s Leaves legislature to become a social worker. Increasingly reclusive and estranged from her family who fear she is suffering from mental illness.

2009 Part of Highway 5 in Rock Hill, South Carolina, named after Goggins.

For more info on Juanita, click on one of the following links:  Huff Post Guardian

Rest in Peace!


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