Devyn…. Part Two!

When I first wrote about my nephew Devyn Hardy, who was the victim of a senseless and heinous violent crime, it was intended as a therapeutic measure for me to deal with my disbelief and grief.  Instead, the many friends of the Hardy family have taken my words and have turned them into their words in the hopes of fighting negative stereotypes.  We all know that words have power and through my blog, I have rejected the words of those who would cast us in less than a positive light!

As I stated in the first Devyn blog, The Tampa Tribune and the police department had characterized Devyn’s shooting as a drug deal gone bad.  I am happy to report unequivocally that there will be no charges filed against Devyn.  To be blunt, my nephew was the victim of those who wanted to rob him of his possessions and nothing more.  Many folks have encouraged me to forward my post to the media to clear the air, however, I think that a kick to the nuts of those who defamed my nephew are more appropriate.  Please believe me, I am winding up my leg….

I talked to Karen this evening and I am happy to report that Devyn is in good spirits and even does a little dance with his shoulders whenever he receives visitors.  He was so overwhelmed yesterday with the number of people who came to see him that Karen had to limit the number of people who could visit.  Is that a remarkable young man or what?

Devyn has amazed his doctors with the speed of his recovery and his outlook on his future.  His jaw is wired shut and he can’t talk and it will be that way for the next six weeks.  However, he is communicating with hand signals and gestures using his body.  Damn, I love this kid!  He is the victim, yet, he is setting the example!  If I had one tenth of the strength this kid has, I’d be a better man!

We are looking to bring him home sometime next week to finish the healing and rehabilitative process.  He will still need to undergo at least two more reconstructive surgeries and I will continue to blog about his progress.  He will need a hypoallergenic environment to recuperate in and I will touch on that later.

Once again, thank you all for the love and support that you have given my family.  We appreciate and love you all!  Devyn posted to Facebook yesterday and I will leave you with what he said:  Thank you everyone for the love..yalls prayers and strength are keepin me going.

Did I say how much I love this kid?



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7 responses to “Devyn…. Part Two!

  1. Lana Hill

    Hypoallergenic ??? How bout you help Devyn recover and Devyn help you kick dem squares ???? He cant have any smoking around him. You are a brand new NIck, the ice melted from around your heart. Actually, truth be told you have always had a soft spot for family, but Shhhhhh I wont tell. Way to go Nick, I think Gomez and Vernie are smiling and nodding in agreement and saying “well done Lil Emory”

  2. eehard

    I love that boy Ziggy…. Just as I love Leah and Kevin, You know I don’t play about that.

  3. eehard

    They’re looking down and challenging me to do the right thing…… I think!

  4. eehard

    Oh, and the only reason I started smoking again was because Devyn got shot! It’s made me sick and I have quit again . Black eye emoticon to you…. LOL!

  5. Liztomania

    Wow! Devyn really is an amazing young man and he is blessed to have such a wonderful family, friends, and community of people who rally behind him and beside him in spirit and truth! He certainly has a great purpose ahead of him. I will continue to pray for this young man’s speedy recovery, health, and peace of mind for him, his family, and those close to him affected by this senseless act. While I do believe that Devyn has the power to prove those that would stereotype him wrong, I think it’s important for those able to articulate on his behalf to highlight just how blasphemous the reporters are by painting such a sordid picture. It forments one, whether consciously or unconsciously, to dismiss the fact that he was violated…period. Those in support of Devyn should demand from reporting news entities that the whole truth be told…but I digress; perhaps that is for another day. I am content that there are no charges. I am content that he is making progress in leaps and bounds. I am content that his family rallies to his aid; and finally, I am content that this young man WILL rise and not carry the chains of a victim but rather, the staff of victor.

    • eehard

      Wow! Thanks for your comments, it is my personal mission to clear Devyn’s name…..

    • eehard

      I have reread your words and now I am more energized than ever to complete my mission. It is trough the people such as yourself, that gives me the strength to carry on. Thank you again for your kind words…

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