Sometime after 8:00 a.m. today, Jonathan Edward Murphy and Glenn Leonard Davis will enter into what I like to call “The End of Your Fucking Life as You Knew It!” day.  These are the two punks that tried to murder my nephew Devyn and any sympathy that I might have had for these two ne’er do wells can be found in the dictionary somewhere between shit and syphilis…

Both have been charged with attempted first degree murder and under Florida Law will be subjected to the 10-20-Life law.  Which in my current state of mind is much too lenient.  I am vehemently opposed to capital punishment and I thank everyone and everything that Devyn is still with us.  I couldn’t fathom the thought of  going through decades of dealing with something we are so desperately trying to put behind us.

For Mr. Murphy and Mr. Davis, I can’t worry too much about their fate right about now.  I only hope that they recognize the gravity of their situations and make their decisions accordingly.  Perhaps, in time, we will be able to forgive them.  And by time, I mean sometime in the future when Newt Gingrich is president and we visit our relatives on the moon colony.

These two men conspired to take Devyn away from us for momentary gain.  What they took away from me is my capacity to forgive.  So, today, when the judge reads the charges against these punks, and they think that they can game the system; I look forward to the day that I can sit in the courtroom and hear the jury deliver a guilty verdict.  And from there, the day that they are sentenced to spend their youth and hopefully a large portion of their adulthood in prison will I only begin to think about forgiveness.

Devyn, justice starts for you today!



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7 responses to “Arraignment!

  1. Liztomania

    I am glad that people have decided to cooperate with law enforcement to get these two low lives to this point. And now, I hope that along with the Justice system, that a higher court, one not seen with the naked eye, will now conspire on behalf of Devyn to put the write people in the right place so that these boys will suffer accordingly. Let’s hope that should they be so lucky to live any length of time, that they will learn why crime doesn’t pay…Good luck Devyn, the universe is already on your side. As for forgiveness, it is up to you to decide if and when you should choose to do so. Let me leave you with this… Forgiveness is never about the “other” person(s), it is always about the person extending it. Many people think forgiveness is a pardon, and it’s not. Forgiveness is ultimately about allowing the people, place, or thing to die…to no longer control you or be subservient to the act which inflicted great pain. One explanation of forgiveness is put this way…giving up the hope, that the past could’ve been any different. In other words, it is what it was and I am moving ahead with my life…

  2. I know you’ll keep us up to date. I hope there’s no legal technicality the defense can pull to lighten the sentence….

  3. eehard

    @ Litz, I want to be able to forgive these young men but my sensibilities say no damn way. Where I get conflicted is that they conspired to murder my nephew, I have to eventually judge intent versus results.

    Only when they come clean and repent will I be able to offer an opinion. Today, I don’t care if they never see the light of day again, But that is not who I am…..
    There is a redeemable quality inherent in every human being. I fully trust that one day I will be able to say I forgive you.

    It’s just in the foreseeable future, I do not know that I have it within me to be that generous. My boys is still not whole and until he comes back to me as he was, thee is no forgiveness within me.

  4. eehard

    @ Anarchist, the video tape does not lie… This is an air tight case and you can believe it that I will keep you informed. This incident has nearly destroyed me, but through it, I have found my voice again……

  5. Amen Nick….great article as well as an authentic, transparent testimony of your position regarding your family towards these stupid young men. Too often emotions aren’t articulated into a statement of total honesty. I am praying for my son (your nephew) that was named after my son, Devyn. God saw fit to leave Devyn here for a greater good. I am thankful for that reason and many more. My heart is heavy but joyful for Kk and the Hardy clan which is an extension of my family that we still have him here. Keep me posted!

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