Nick Hardy

I am passionate about politics and social issues but I am liable to comment on anything.  I love the Florida A&M University Rattlers and the Washington Resskins.


5 responses to “Nick Hardy

  1. LoveAndOnlyLove

    Hey there, e! Good to see you blogging away… looking forward to seeing what’s going on here. Oh, and looking forward to Anarchists “goodbye” at the TDO. LOL

  2. Abe

    Nick –
    Have you given up on TDO or been banned? Guess I have to now come here to stay challenged. What’s up with that?


  3. eehard

    Abe, I haven’t been banned… I’ve just given up on TDO. I hate their policies.

  4. You may find this video of interest:


  5. eehard

    John, why do you think I’d find this crap interesting?

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