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The news this week that the famed Marching 100 band from Florida A&M University has been suspended throughout the 2012-2013 academic year has completely thrown me for a loop.  I admit that the band needed to be punished for its actions internally and externally.  And that is exactly what has happened!    Internally, the band has been suspended by President Ammons  for the last six months following Robert Champion’s death.  Externally, 13 band members have been criminally charged in the hazing death of the FAMU Drum Major.

We must have faith in the criminal justice system even though it is a reach for most of us who know that justice is not blind when it comes to black Americans.  Lady Justice might be blind but someone has certainly placed weights on the scales that do not favor us.  Herein lies the problem.  Who exactly at FAMU is calling the shots?  President Ammons must surely know that the FAMU football team is only partly the draw when it comes to our gridiron contests.  I will state unequivocally that most of us that attend FAMU football games do so with the intent to see the Marching 100 perform.

While it may be true that FAMU is not known primarily as a halftime show; it is a university that on a year to year basis produces the highest number of baccalaureate degrees amongst  African-American students.  And this is where my problem with Ammons comes into play.  I don’t understand who it is that is whispering into his ear that this is the appropriate course of action.  The Marching 100 is an instrumental recruiting tool that must not be abandoned because someone outside of the FAMU community said that it must be that way.  Are we going to run our institution or capitulate to those whose only agenda is not in the best interest of FAMU?

We must let the criminal justice system run its course and let them determine the guilt or innocence of those charged.  From my understanding, the State has a really weak case and will try to consolidate those with fringe charges against those with more severe charges.  That’s unfortunately how the system works.  Those who are guilty will be judged as such.  I have empathy for the Champion family but i also have empathy for the hundreds of members of the Marching 100 who had nothing to do with the crime.  And I still maintain my belief that Mr. Champion knew what he was getting into when he walked voluntarily onto that bus.

What happened to him should have never happened. The punishment must fit the crime.  And the punishment has already exceed the crime.  As a friend has already stated that there was no punishment when FSU coaches coached a black man to his death at two a day practices in 100 hundred degree heat. I’d call that hazing….  But then again, I’ve already stated that the weights have been placed on the scale underneath Lady Justice’s blindfold.



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Photo via The Arizona Republic

Religious freedom my ass… The assault on women’s rights is so laughable that each and every Republican who voted for the Blunt/Rubio amendment should be voted out of Congress when their time comes. I am so glad that it was defeated yesterday.   This amendment served two purposes; the first, to eventually repeal Roe vs. Wade, the second, to weaken The Affordable Health Care Act.  The very idea to allow insurance companies to determine what they will or will not pay for is ludicrous.  I’ve never met an insurance company that wanted to pay any claim.

Let’s touch on two topics regarding the Catholic Church!  Both are Church Dogma that serve insidious purposes.  First, is “chaste” amongst the Catholic Clergy.  The only reason that Catholic priests are not allowed to marry or have sex is because the early Church did not want claims against its property by the offspring of its Priests.  What has that line of thinking gotten us?  An international child abuse sex ring spanning centuries.

The second reason is contraception.  Why would the Catholic Church endorse a policy of contraception when that policy means fewer Catholics?  The Pope wants all the tithers that he can get.  What has this line of thinking gotten us?  The likes of Rick Santorum and his 187 children that will propagate this outdated line of thinking for centuries to come.  We don’t need 20 children anymore to work the farm…

The Constitution of the United States of America, as far as I know, does not make any exceptions for religious liberty.  As long as no law makes a direct attack on religion, there is no legal argument to be made against Obama care and his insistence that the insurance companies foot the bill for contraceptives.

How ironic is it that the Republicans will fight tooth and nail for you to be born, and then have no regard for you once you get here.  The hypocrisy  is not lost upon me, and neither should it be upon you…

I am so happy to live in a country where these arguments can be made and won or lost in the halls of Congress.  But more so, for a President, that is not afraid to do the right thing.  Every woman in America should support a man that has their best interests in his heart.  For you to do otherwise, I have a choice adjective for you…

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Two things that made her the greatest of all time….. first,


There will never be another Mezzo Soprano like you again.  When I think of you, only word comes to mind.  Effortlessly!  That’s how you did it!

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When The Dark Clouds Gather Over The Horizon…!

Recently, in my tribute to my nephew Devyn Hardy, I commented on how I did not have much faith in the human species as a whole.  Let me state how unequivocally I was wrong about the human race and in particularly The Baby Rattler Nation.  While I will always view humans skeptically, I will never again doubt the bonds we forged as Baby Rattlers.  I couldn’t have made it without the support of some of our core families.  I take that back….. even if you were an only child, you are a part of that core.

There are certain things that we hold to be self-evident, such as the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Although these things came to us later rather than sooner, must these three unyielding principles require a child to constantly look over his/her shoulder in the fear that some ne’er-do-well is going to inflict some type of harm on them simply because they have benefited a little better under the system that we live under?  It shouldn’t have to be this way….

I can ramble on and on but I don’t want to bore you, lest myself.  I am truly fighting the monster that I despise I might become.  I just want a very simple thing out of life and that is for us to all get along.  I will gladly give you everything that I have if it will prevent you from trying to blow my brains out.  Maybe, it is beyond my purview to understand this… I might never know.  With this being said evildoers and dregs of society, you must remember one thing…..

If you want to do dirt against us is a road that you don’t want to travel down because if you do, you only need to remember these words:

When the dark clouds gather on the horizon,
When thunder and lightning pierce the skies,
When fate is but a glare in the eye of a fallen Rattler,
and hope….a lost friend,
When the sinew of the chest grows weary from those hard charging linebackers,
And the muscles in the legs grow tired from those hard charging running backs,
You must always remember….the Rattlers will

We will get you in the end. We come from a legacy starting with Matthew Esteras, Harry Holt, Doris Jefferson, Doris Medlock, Ruth Williams, Johnnie Williams, Raymond Baker, and even Mrs. Hill, the evil math teacher…. Don’t tread upon us!   My nephew, Devyn Hardy made it through New Beginnings so he is apart of the FAMU Family!  You tried us once, you’d be ill advised to do it a second time.  Because when you screw with one of us, you screw with us all.  My entire family and I, stand together with you and for you. Never again can we allow this to happen to one of our families… Just saying!

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The Crying Game!

The Scream, Edvard Munch

I’ve never been a crier. Didn’t believe in it. In fact, if memory serves me correctly, I have cried approximately three times in my life prior to Saturday.  The first time that I cried was the day I was born and the only reason for that was the doctor slapped me and caught me off guard.  The second time I cried was at my father’s funeral service, the second one in Washington, DC.  You have to give up a few tears for daddy!  Finally, I shed a tear when Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination in Grant Park back in 2008.  Yes sir, real men don’t cry!

That was until I got the news that my nephew had been shot.  Then I cried like a baby.  I cried because he was hurt. I cried because I couldn’t protect him. I cried because he was alive and I had no idea of the severity of his injuries.  I cried because his future was so bright and full of promise.  I cried because I was mad.  I cried when I found out he was going to make a full recovery.  I cried for two families that will never be the same.  I cried for the man who attacked my nephew.  I cried because violence makes me sick!

I’ve cried so much lately and I’m getting pretty good at it.  Brother, I’m in big trouble if I see a “save the puppies” or “feed the children” commercial.  But the upside is that I felt better after crying.  It is a natural and free stress reliever.  I can’t imagined how I would have internalized my grief had I not found an outlet for it.  And I am not sure that I even want to know the answer.  All I know now is that I will not try to stifle myself the next time my eyes want to turn on the faucets.  But at the same time, I hope that I will never again have to experience something like this.

Oh, real men do cry!  They just don’t let you see it!


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The Black Agenda!

I just sat through two grueling hours watching MSNBC’s “Debating the Black Agenda” hosted by Tamron Hall and Ed Shultz.   The show was an extension of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network’s convention this weekend in which members of the black intelligentsia, Sharpton, and other political pundits discussed issues that make up this supposed black agenda.  Tavis Smiley hosted a similar symposium a few weeks ago and “The Black Agenda” was included in the title.  Before I get into what is the black agenda, I just think that term is not the best slogan due to the heated discourse we find ourselves in.

I believe that those on the far right would misconstrue just what the black agenda is an try to fashion it into an anti white movement.  Sharpton and Smiley have tried to suggest that the black agenda is America’s agenda. Yeah right!   Try selling that to the Teabaggers.  A recent CBS/New York Times poll came out with these startling numbers, (See poll links).   Clink the link to see what  the Teabaggers think.  You can check out this link to see who they are.  The numbers speak for themselves.

A lot of the conversation was based on past inequities suffered by blacks at the hands of whites.  It almost teetered on the fact that blacks were somehow owed something but that is an argument for another day.  They addressed others issues such as Affirmative Action, education, crime, and the disintegration of the black family.  Three of these items can be accomplished without the government getting involved.  Blacks must reestablish the traditional family.  I certainly had the advantage of growing up with both parents in the home and can attest to the benefits of having a strong father to keep me in line.  Next, education must become a higher priority in black America.  The higher the level of education that is attained will invariably lead to the reduction of crime.   If you don’t do the crime then you won’t do the time.  And we already know what a conviction can do to ruin any legitimate shot at a successful career.

On the other hand, whites must realize that by uplifting the poor we can eliminate many of the stereotypes that they have regarding blacks.  Only when everyone is on equal footing, can we say that the American dream has been realized.  The notion that President Obama is doing more for blacks than he is doing for whites is absurd.  President Obama has often stated that he is not the president of white, black, gay, straight, red state, or blue state America but that he was the president of the United States of America.  So think twice when you say “I want my country back.”  Which way and how do you want it back?  You’ve barely taken your foot off of the back of my neck…  There is no black agenda or conspiracy thereof, there is only agenda and that is the American one.  United we stand, divided, we shall surely fall.


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Bristol Palin’s New PSA

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