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A Lesson Before Devyn!

First and foremost, I want everyone to know that this tribute to my nephew Devyn is not about anyone or anything other than him.  This whole endeavor is about making him whole and restoring him to the young man that we all knew and loved before his tragic accident!.  For some reason that I cannot explain, whilst in the middle of starting this blog, Devyn and my cousin Leah showed up at the house.  I’ll get back to that a little bit later…

I want to thank my fiancee’ Stephanie Lewin, who put together the Devyn: Bigger, Better, Stronger blog.  Not only did she write it, she did all of the logistical work to get it up and running and set up the donation page.  And for that, I am eternally grateful and appreciative.  However, Stephanie is not a product of FAMU and the way that we do things.  I don’t hold that against her, however, I hope to give her a softer edge…

I am not running a Super Pac here, my only intention is to help offset some of the costs that Karen may incur commuting between Tallahassee and Tampa for Devyn’s bi-monthly trips to Tampa to see his doctors.  President Obama is going to be fine and I hope that the same generosity that you show to his campaign that is in your hearts, you can show to mine.  I am not asking for a thirty second sound bite on the telly but in help getting thirty miles down I-10.

We’ve received a few donations thus far and that is a good thing.  What we must keep in mind is that although we are doing everything in our power to help my sister and her family is this…, there are four younger children whose lives we are not trying to disrupt.  Three of the four are involved in advanced soccer programs and all are being recruited by these programs to participate on the next level.

When Devyn walked through the door, I immediately stopped doing what I was doing on the computer and went to give him a hug.  I am not talking about the quick dap and faux hug that brothers give each other these days but the full blown hug that I gave him the same day that he came home from his first day of  Kindergarten.

For the first time since his shooting, I saw him laughing and smiling as much as the wires in his mouth would let him.  My heart pounded with pride and joy.  We all felt that the young man that left us in triumph, who came back to us in tragedy, has shown us all, that no matter what, that the will to live and succeed will never be trumped by those with lesser values….

Thanks for teaching me something!



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