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Rage on the Right!

One of my favorite websites is the Southern Poverty Law Center.  The site is an invaluable tool in keeping up to date with hate groups and right-wing lunatics.  Some of its content can be quite disconcerting but I like getting my information from an agency that is dedicated to informing the public of the extremist within our midst.  The cable news networks only gives you sound bites and lacks a thorough analysis of just how serious the threats are.  It was reported yesterday that the number of hate groups and militias have grown by 244% during the last year.  Is there any wonder why?

Commentators like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh use demagoguery to play on people’s fears instead of their reasoning abilities.  The health care debate is a perfect example of this.  The Right uses words like government takeover, socialism, and fascism.  The absurdity of it all is that Socialism and Fascism have absolutely nothing to do with one another.  Glen Beck even goes as far to say that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is setting up concentration camps to imprison ordinary law abiding citizens.  It doesn’t take much to appeal to the stupidity of the American public.

I think that Americans of all political persuasions have a right to be concerned about the state of the union.  The soaring deficits, high unemployment, and the two ongoing wars are enough to give us all pause.  The problem is how we manifest those concerns.  Those of us on the Left and Moderates  look to responsible legislation and leadership to steer us in the right direction.  Those on the extreme Right are displaying actions that the Homeland Security Department’s report of last year warned us about.  The changing demographics of our country is nothing to be feared.  It should be embraced as the principles that this country was founded upon.  Hating someone or a group of people is just plain wrong and anti-American.

I am really getting sick and tired of hearing how Barack Obama is the first black president.  I never heard of the first 43 presidents being referred to as white presidents.  The truth of the matter is that President Obama has already cut taxes for 95% of Americans and gets no credit for it.  He has almost single handedly prevented the second great depression.  He is about to bring our troops home from Iraq.  But the party of no that he is bailing out continues to paint him as the anti-Christ.  It’s enough to make me want to pull my dick out and piss on the haters.

There is something called the truth!  And Americans need to start recognizing just what that is.  You cannot blame Obama for the mess that he has inherited. He is doing his best to rectify the situation.  If you want to join a hate group because of what your people did, then be my guest.  This current president like Martin Luther King, Jr. will lead us to the promised land.  If, only given the chance.  What will you hate then?

Click here for an interactive map of hate groups in the U.S.


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Republicans Try To Sweep The Leg On Health Care Reform!


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New York Terror Prison Panic!

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Swine Flu!











Mother Nature is a bitch!  Ever since my mother found me in a cabbage patch, she has been trying to kill me.  Never mind the fact that sometimes I aid and abet her.  But the bitch is playing dirty this time.  She has unleashed a new strain of flu that contains the genes of humans, pigs, and birds dubbed H1N1 or swine flu.  That’s a bigger fucking mutation than all of the X-Men combined.  Excuse me for a moment while I go wash my hands.

I just love my anti-bacterial soap.  It just might save my life.  And to think I’ve been waiting all this time on Jesus Christ and the 12th Imam to come back so I could die a terrible apocalyptic death in the midst of a sulfur thunderstorm.  It’s much more comforting to know that I may be taken out by lesser species in the food chain.  I guess it’s the pig’s revenge for Spam.


In other swine flu news, the country of Egypt announced today that it will slaughter all pigs inside its borders which is pretty funny to me since Egypt is a Muslim nation.  I thought that if a Muslim got within a hundred yards of a pig there will be no Paradise or virgins in the afterlife.  So my curiosity got the better of me and I googled “pigs in Egypt,” seems like there is a Coptic Christian minority that eats pigs.  And that is funny to me also because I can’t quite put my finger on the exact scripture but I seem to remember the Bible says not to eat pigs in it somewhere.

And finally, because nothing reminds me more of swine than Michele Bachmann, let’s have a look at what the dumb bitch had to say about the swine flu pandemic.


I hate to break it to you Brainiac but that one happened on Gerald Ford’s watch!


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Tea Bagging!

























 On April 15, 2009 all over the country, conservative Republicans will gather at so called anti-tax tea parties.   Fixed, er Fox News will dispatch several of its better known personalities like Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck to cover some of these parties.  I guess that it is only appropriate that if you attend such a party, you will be referred to as a Teabagger.  I mean if you live in Florida, they call you a Floridian.

Teabaggers who attend are also encouraged to send President Obama a tea bag.  Organizers are calling this a grass roots phenomenon and thousands are expected to take part in the different events.  It never ceases to amaze me how the wealthiest of Americans can dupe Joe Six Pack and Susie the trailer park mother of four.  As I’ve said before, you never get anywhere in America by overestimating the intelligence of the general public!

Have fun at your parties protesting the wealthiest American’s bitch of having their tax rates raised three percent.  And to think that I thought Republicans only knew how to protest at abortion clinics.  By the way you fucking tools, let the girls from Sex and the City explain what a teabagger is.


See Rachel Maddow mock the teabaggers.  See another hilarious video here.


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Baracknophobia – Obey

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Lifetime Achievement Dumbazz!



















I don’t know how many constituents this broad had to fuck to get elected.  Or are the people of Minnesota just plain fucking stupid?  Michele Bachmann is the only person on the face of the earth that makes Sarah Palin look smart.  Click here to see what Michele is up to now.  There is also a great anti Bachmann site here!  Because you are a complete moron, you are awarded my first Lifetime Achievement Dumbazz Award!

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