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Special Comment! Afghanistan.


Can anyone please tell me why we are still in Afghanistan?  I for one do not believe that it has anything to do with the Taliban or Al-Qaeda.  Or the eradication of the poppy fields that are responsible for most the heroin that eventually finds its way into the United States.  I am totally against nation building and the only thing that comes to mind is that quagmire that was once Vietnam!  You know, that war that cost over 52,000 American lives and in my book counted as the second lost war that America fought.  Korea being the first.

Now this blog is strictly opinion and I am not putting much research into it, nevertheless, it’s my observation of what is going on in that part of the world.  Pakistan and India are mortal enemies and both are nuclear weapon states.  Both of these countries require a destabilized Afghanistan to ensure an American presence in the region to keep the peace between the two countries.  The Kashmir Conflict must be resolved in order to establish a resemblance of peace between the two neighbors.  Adding to the complications is that Pakistan is in the midst of a civil war.

But what is really troubling is that we are in a country fighting for a government whose elections last week appear to be seriously flawed.  Afghan President Hamid Karzai in an attempt to win favor with the voters in some parts of Afghanistan signed into law a provision that allows a certain sect of Muslims to starve their wives if they refuse to have sex with their husbands.  This comes after a law allowing men to rape their wives if they refused to have sex with their husbands was repealed.  Is this a nation we really want to be in fighting for democratic values that the natives don’t give a shit about?  The best way to deal with Afghanistan I hate to say comes from a commentator I heard on television a few week ago.  His suggestion was that we should airlift all of the women out of Afghanistan and let the current group of men unable to reproduce and therefore, die off.  Then bring the women back and start over.

I have yet to hear about an exit strategy for getting out of Afghanistan.  They say that Barack Obama’s war might have us in Afghanistan for up to a decade.  That’s a lot of wasted money.  Isn’t the estimated $3 trillion spent in Iraq a pretty obvious clue as to how much might be wasted in a country that should be left to itself?  If we haven’t found Osama bin-Laden in eight years I say call off the search.  Barack Obama can pay for health care by bringing the troops home.  I advocate leaving behind a small highly specialized force for emergency flare ups.  I for one am tired of being raped by a country whose leaders are more interested in receiving cash bribes and Viagra than making any meaningful changes for its citizens.  Particulary, its women!



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Glenn Beck Calls Obama a “Racist!”

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Rock the Vote!








Did you ever have one of those days when you had some great ideas about things to write about but just couldn’t make the transition from idea to paper?  I have been having just such a day.  No wonder my donation button has been pushed about zero times and all I’ve collected is twenty-seven cents and that was from pay pal to verify my bank account.

Although I am still suffering from writer’s block I’d like to share an interesting observation I noticed today.  In DeKalb County Georgia the lines to vote early was estimated to be seven hours long.  I do not know the racial demographic of that particular county but a best guess estimate is that about 99% of those lining up to vote were black.  But more importantly I saw a lot of young and probably first time voters.

I recently wrote an article stressing that fact that I vote not only because it is my civic duty but for all those who were killed, beaten, water hosed, and had all other types of atrocities committed against them in securing my right to vote.  I’d like to think that all of those on the other side are smiling at what is going on in this election.  At this point in time I do not care what other people think is behind the huge African-American turnout.  Are some voting simply because Obama is black?  Probably so.  But I suspect that most have some idea of what the real issues are.  Primarily because when white people are in a recession, most blacks are in a depression.  See my donation button now?  Brother, can you spare a dime? LOL.  Just kidding.

 Anyway, it is what it is.  I really don’t know what effect twelve percent of the population can have on a national election.  But when you couple that with a large percentage of the Hispanic population that is breaking for Obama and progressive whites it’s a recipe for victory.  Can this truly be the time when there is no white, black, Asian, Hispanic, or Native America but just one America?  I’d like to think so.  Then we can accurately say that we as a nation are a melting pot instead of the tossed salad we’ve been all along.


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Obama When No One Is Watching!








Malia Obama probably wasn’t sure if her Dad would make it home from work to watch her soccer game this past Friday night. 

He’s been pretty busy lately. But her Mom and her little sister would be there.  

The flow of the kids moving the ball down the field, under the lights of a chilly night in October. The families chatting on the sidelines. The starlight glow of downtown Chicago rising up from the north. 

Malia Obama at mid field shouts “Mom!” And the smile, grace, and presence of the woman whose eyes never once leave her daughter—no matter who else she speaks to, waves back and sends a radiant smile. 

In that one wave and smile, you see hope come alive before your very eyes. 

Then just a few minutes after eight; something like a shift in earth’s gravity occurs. To the casual observer, nothing in this scene has changed. That pull of the earth’s power must have been imagined. 

The true city dweller will feel it first, before they even see it.  Blink your eyes and they appear. 

Ringing the shadows of this soccer field are people with guns. Serious people with guns. Like oak trees that move. The phrase, “Not on my watch” flashes through your head.  

You have to look hard to make sure they are even there.   You never really see a gun.   You’re not even sure they are moving.  But when you blink your eyes, somehow their positions have changed.  Something about the way they just appear calms your breathing. Instinctively you know.  

These are the good guys.  

With that feeling of true safety pressed firmly in your very soul; you can remember the real secret at the heart of the city: we of the city are just a million small town kid’s soccer game scenes all strung together.  

So the kids laugh and kick the soccer ball. 

Then some guy in a blue cap walks out of the gym next door. Hands in his pocket, face down, by himself. He walks over to Malia’s Mom, who has 3 conversations going on simultaneously with folks on the sidelines.

The quiet  guy in the blue cap puts his arm around Malia’s Mom. Shakes hands with a couple of the people.  Talks with Malia’s Mom for a minute or two. 

Just then a small miracle occurs.  The quiet guy in the blue cap who nobody in the crowd of really paid all that much attention to; scrunches down so he is face to face with Malia’s little sister Sasha. He lifts up the brim on the cap.

And then, standing 15 feet behind Sasha you see what she’s seeing up close.  You see that smile. That smile that resounds with the very power and the glory of the city lights behind it.  

That smile now almost ready to take it’s place in American history. 

You can’t hear, and are happy not to hear, what he’s saying to his youngest daughter.   But you do hear her giggle. 

Then the father takes the daughter’s hand. The younger daughter. The one who is not in the game. The one who by all rights and purposes and measures any of us know at this time in our history—was destined not to get a lot of attention tonight. 

They move back in the shadows, behind the sideline crowd. Seen only by that quiet show of force here to keep them absolutely safe. 

Then the miracle: they have a foot race.  

While the soccer game is still going on. Just the two of them. Sasha and her Dad take off together, both running at full speed, as fast and then faster than either of them could ever imagine. Sasha laughing, and laughing at the finish line. Her Dad swoops down and picks her up. 

Then that smile. This time only for his daughter.

No one else was looking. It was just for her. 

His youngest daughter’s giggle. It’s the music of his promise to make sure that everyone’s included. 

And this past Friday night in Chicago: Malia Obama’s team won the game. 


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John McCain vs Barack Obama dance-off!








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The Signs of the Time!








When I went outside this morning to smoke my first cigarette and drink my first cup of coffee, there was something eerily different than any other morning.  There was no sheriff’s posse ready to storm in and impound my computer for blogging badly.  There was no UFO hovering above to abduct me and conduct those experiments people don’t like to talk about after being abducted.  I was busy scanning my surroundings to shake that feeling when I finally realized that I had been robbed!  Some asshole stole my Obama sign!

It’s really kind of funny because I just saw a report on MSNBC the other day about Obama and McCain campaign signs being stolen, burned, and even defaced.  Fellow Tallahassee resident and blogger legend Fakename, http://fakename2.wordpress.com/ had written about her sign being stolen.  She even offered advice about taking your sign inside after dark.  But I thought that I was safe and that this could never happen to me.  Not in my neighborhood!

Then I noticed that my neighbor across the street had her Obama sign stolen as well.  After a quick walk through my yard I noticed that all of the Obama signs were missing.  What the fuck is going on?  Was some McCain supporter pissed that there are no McCain signs anywhere and wanted to level the playing field?  My best guess is that Chris Timmons has been hired by the Young Republican Party to secretly infiltrate African-American neighborhoods at night and steal all of the Obama signs.

I wonder what reduces people to the lowest common denominator as if stealing a sign is somehow going to influence which way a person votes.  So to whoever it was that stole the signs, I can only say that I forgive you and that I’ve already voted for Obama.  You can steal all the signs you want but you didn’t steal my vote and you will definitely not steal the election.


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I Voted Early And Found No Joy In It!








Today I fulfilled my civic duty and voted early.  I went to Woodville to vote as I didn’t feel like searching for a parking space and dealing with the long lines at the courthouse.  You’d think that this would have made me happy, but it didn’t.  I was concerned about the long lines that would await me if I had waited and voted at my normal precinct on November 4, 2008.  Then it struck me that, it was precisely that that made voting fun.

I believe that voters have particular patterns that they follow each election cycle.  I always vote as soon as the polls open and I always see the same motley crew and we share a few laughs and some good natured ribbing with each other.  I will not get to see them this year or the poll workers who always kid me that I will vote Republican.  Many of my local precinct workers always ask about my family and how they are doing.  When I voted today I did not know a single poll worker.

There are strict rules that must be followed when you go to vote but there is a certain camaraderie that has built up over the year’s like that old television show “cheers” where everybody knows your name.  In the most important election that will probably occur in my lifetime, I went to Woodville. In doing so I made my day on November 4 a little bit easier.

But what I also did was to take the fun out of the voting process.   For that I am truly sorry.  Not so much for me completing the political process but for missing out on the renewing of long standing relationships.  You know the kind, where you can look back at your neighbor behind you and say:  “You’re mother is so old, she went to Pre-K with McCain…!”


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