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FAMU Lives!










Meredith Clark, an associate editor at the Tallahassee Democrat wrote this article a few days ago  http://tallahassee.com/article/20081219/COLUMNIST21/812190315/-1/COLUMNISTS and I’d like to answer her questions and add a few comments.  Whether you read the entire piece or not this is the crux of it: 

“I’d like to renew the discussion with a look at the role of HBCUs in an Obama-era United States. It is not a question about their legitimacy or need; this is a question of how the role, function and even existence of HBCUs across the country will change as we continue to break down barriers.”

First of all, why must we refer to FAMU as a historically black college or university?  It is simply another institution of higher learning.  Is FSU or the University of Florida considered historically white universities?  We need not get into the ugly history why FAMU was founded but focus on its mission.  Since it opened in 1887 its mission was to provide the best possible education for those students who wished to attend.  In 2008, nothing has changed.  Its mission is still to provide the best possible education for its students.

It’s role is to also provide an alternative to those students who do not want to attend what you call a mainstream university although I fail to see how FAMU is not in the mainstream.  Call it what it is.  FAMU is a predominately black university with a diverse student body and faculty.  There are some people,  believe it or not who don’t want to go to a perdominatntly white university.  I am one of them.  Not because I harbor any hostility but because of the environment that lets me speak freely that is not hostile to what I have to say.  And a lot of what I have to say would probably get me into some type of trouble at a FSU or the UF.

We may have elected the first black president of the United States of America but 11:00 a.m. on Sunday morning is still the most segregated hour in America.  Come back with your question after I see 2 black people leaving the First Baptist Church or a white person leaving Bethel AME Church. 

There will always be a need for Florida A&M because the people of Florida recognize it’s importance to the community.  Oh,  in the future watch how you phrase your statements.  You stated the there was no need to question the need or legitimatcy of FAMU then question the need for its existence as well as other black universities in the same paragraph.  I think that you are smart enough to know the answer to your own question.



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FAMU Today!











As Lee Corso from ESPN’s College Gameday show would say “Not so fast my friend!”  Today’s Democrat published an article on the graduation rates of black students from various colleges around the state of Florida.  I want to focus on two schools in particular, Florida A&M University and Florida State University.  The article was written by Angeline Taylor who covers FAMU.  http://tallahassee.com/article/20081222/NEWS01/812220321  I find her coverage to be biased and basically, I hate the bitch!  In fact,  this story has been around the block before.  The Saint Petersburg Times did a similar story last year.  http://www.sptimes.com/2007/11/19/State/More_blacks_succeed_a.shtml

Out of the 41,000 students that were enrolled at FSU in the fall of 2007, 4,392 were  identified as black.  That makes the perctange of blacks at FSU as 10.7% of the population.  If we divide that number by 4 we have a total of 1098 students in each class.  This is not scientific but you can see where I am going with this.  So if  FSU is graduating 70% of it’s black students, that means that they are graduating roughly 700 blacks students per year assuming that their enrollment is static.  http://www.ir.fsu.edu/student/enrollment.cfm?ID=eth

The latest statistics I could find for  FAMU are for the 2005 enrollment year in which the student population stood  at 12,157.  That would put each class at around 3039 students.  Blacks made up 91.45 of the population.  During that school year 1,933 degrees were awarded which included 1,302 at the baccalaureate level.  That is a distinction that I did not make with the FSU stats.  http://www.famu.edu/index.cfm?a=oir

My numbers may be a little off but Taylor’s notion that FSU has graduated more blacks than any other school in a six year period in the nation is misleading.  The numbers simply don’t add up.  While I do not want to take away from the high percentage rate that FSU has achieved.  The precept ion that FSU has ever produced more black graduates than FAMU is disingenuous at best and a downright lie at worst.

While FAMU can certainly emulate some of  FSU’s  success one also has to realize that FAMU does not have the resources that FSU has.  We certainly have to work on retention but there are services available at FAMU that are also available at FSU.  The Summer Studies program at FAMU would be comparable to FSU’s early admission program.  This is not intended to be a FAMU vs. FSU piece rather than one to show that both schools have room for improvement.  But the facts must be presented in an honest fashion and not be skewed.

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Extra! Extra! Read All About It!










Recently, there has been a lot of whining going on at my local newspaper the Tallahassee Democrat about dwindling readership and the death of newspapers.  They even stooped so low that a member of the Teen Editorial Board wrote an article about how much she loved newspapers,  getting ink dust on her fingers, and the evils of the Internet.  I really thought that it was soft core porn with a fetish for printing presses.

First of all, the Tallahassee Democrat is only a mediocre newspaperr at best .  Usually the front page consists of black mug shot, Seminoles going to the Aqua paste Toothpaste Bowl, Janitor at FAMU caught taking a broom home,  Bobby Bowden’s brilliant football mind to be transplanted into a robot, Goose killed at Lake Ella.  The editorial pages are a joke.  By the time they print an opinion piece by the likes of Maureen Dowd or Eugene Robinson, its already been read on the web.  But we get a steady dose of dead people voting in Sopchoppy.  The comics section still runs funnies my grandparents read.  Can we get The Boondocks please?  And for all of you who don’t get “Get Fuzzy,” go play in traffic.

My point here is that the Democrat does not have to put their content on the web.  That would make people who want local news buy papers.  But that isn’t realistic.  Perhaps the Democrat should charge a subscription fee to view its content on the Internet; but that probably won’t fly either.  Or better yet, put out a better product!  The layout is horrible.  I’ve seen more appealing wanted posters.  Take the OP-ED out of the Local section and put it where it rightfully belongs.  Except for Jonah Greenberg because he is the perfect lead in to the Obituaries.

Stop whining and begging us to buy papers.  They arrest people on corners who beg.  Do not go to Congress for a newspaper bailout because I won’t support it.  Give us a better paper and we will buy it.  Personally, I would like expanded coverage of FAMU sports and the destruction of Zing.  C’mon Democrat, you’re really the only player in town, you don’t need to resort to begging!


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Cowardice at the Democrat!









When is an editorial board a coward?  When it is the editorial board of the Tallahassee Democrat; that’s when.  They had plenty to say about all of the local races and the ballot initiatives but didn’t go out on a limb and endorse either presidential candidate.  If I missed something, somebody please tell me.  So in today’s edition of our rag sheet, Executive Editor Bob Gabordi is now proclaiming that Obama has earned the support of everyone.  His support is predicated upon the fact that President-elect Obama won in a convincing matter.  Convincing matter my ass!  Mr. Obama has a mandate based on the popular and electoral votes.

Meanwhile, Associate Editor Meredith Clark writes that we now have a symbol of what we can achieve.  I say bullshit.  There have been and still are symbols that young people can look up too as to what we can achieve.  I agree with Tavis Smiley when he said “You cannot extrapolate the success of Barack Obama and project it on the rest of black America,” especially when systemic racism is alive and well.

Barrack Obama is truly an example of where preparation and exceptional ability coupled with a little luck met opportunity and elevated him to the highest office in the land.  Like Mr. Gabordi, I wish him well.  Like Ms. Cark, he is but one example of what we can achieve. Locally, why don’t we get our young people to stay in school, reduce the infant mortality rate, and reduce the number of young black men who occupy the Leon County jail?  These after the fact platitudes are okay and well meaning.

But the Democrat should have shown the courage to make a choice one way or another before the election.  If the Democrat gets into the endorsing business then they should have run the gambit from county dog catcher to the president of the United States.  This is just another example of the Democrat straddling the fence and then jumping on the bandwagon after the fact.  Cowards!


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The 1st Annual and Second Month TDO Blog Awards!








For amusement purposes only.

Category:  Haters

I feel especially honored this evening as I have my own personal hater “shutupblowhard!”  If I am pissing someone off than I am doing my job as a blogger.  Obviously this blogger is the illegitimate grandson with the combined DNA of the three stooges and Betty Boop!  If this person had an original thought it would cause the second Big Bang and we’d all be sucked into a new black hole.  Please keep stupid for all of our sakes.  You are awarded the hater’s official pin.

  Category:  Close to Hating

While PeeOde doesn’t officially hate on Fakename, he is pretty damn close.  Fakename can’t write a blog without PeeOde telling her to get off her high horse.  Just for the record PeeOde, Fakename doesn’t ride horses but she swats gnats like you like flies pile on shit. And anybody that needs an F-14 avatar obviously has latent homosexual tendencies.  Keep at it and you too just might become an official hater.  Because you came up just short you get the junior hater’s pin.

Category:  I Think That I am a Tough Guy

This was a close race between PeeOde and the FactChecker.  However, FactChecker narrowly won as his Chuck Norris avatar put him over the top.  Anybody who idolizes Walker the Texas Ranger is a complete loser in my book.  Everybody that has nothing to say and hides behind a tough guy has something to hide.  I have a pretty good idea of what it is.  Can you say closet…  For your constantly stupid blogs you are awarded the Tinky Winky statue of gay pride.

Category:  I Still Think That What I Have to Say is Relevant

8657309 sounds like a really bad 80’s song.  In fact if you go to VH1 like at 4:30 in the morning, you just might hear it.  I may or may not be a few digits off but this asshole should have his/her computer confiscated and sent to Farmboy’s reeducation camp for non-believers.  Every time I read a post from this idiot I go lay down in traffic and hope to be run over by a Tal-Tran bus.  Unfortunately they are never on schedule and I only get a few bumps and bruises from being run over by couple of taxi cabs. For being a dumbass you get a replica old ass phone pin. 

Category:  A Clock That Doesn’t Tell the Time or the Truth

Clockreader is the biggest fucking moron on the planet.  This imbecile would have you believe that the earth if flat and that the sun revolves around us.  This loser posts shit that even the National Enquirer, The Star, and The Globe deem to be extreme.  My two best friends, Big Foot and Yeti cringe whenever they read one his posts.  Because this blogger doesn’t have a clue or know what time it is he is awarded the brokenclock avatar.  May that brilliant and funny blogger rest in peace.

Category:  Shut the Fuck Up, Unplug Your Computer, and Go Mop a Boston Market Restaurant Floor

The winner is anndonmason.  I am at a loss for words here.  No, not really.  Ann, shut the fuck up, unplug your computer, and go mop the floor at a Boston Market restaurant.  I don’t know what to say about you except that you are dumber than a brick!  And quite frankly, that is an insult to a birck.  Please do me a favor, blow up a rubber raft and sit in it and wait for the next hurricane to blow through.  You blog like how old people fuck!  Nobody wants to see it or let alone, imagine it.  Because you hate Boston Market, you win the coveted Boston Market logo.


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I am convinced that that there is a vast conspiracy happening here in this city.  It is not the right wing variety nor does it come from the left.  It comes from the unwitting and that is a scary thought.  Although I know in my heart, that they are unaware of it, every moron and lunatic has migrated his or her way to Tallahassee to specifically post blogs on Tallahassee .com.

It is as if there was a microchip placed in these people’s head at birth.  They don’t know it but the transponder signature of the Tallahassee Democrat is too strong for them to ignore.  Here at the Associated Mess Laboratories, we were able to capture and evaluate Anndonmason’s mind and discovered the microchip.  While this blogger is an idiot in her own right the microchip apparently causes her to post idiotic and inane posts more than she normally would.  Just today she posted a blog comparing respected journalist Gwen Ifill to a goat and a dog.

Currently 9 out of the top 10 Tallahassee.com’s most recommended reader blogs are occupied by such persons.  This collective must be destroyed.  Captain Picard had to deal with the Borg and now I have to deal with the Confederate League of Morons.  I plan to infiltrate the Democrat’s headquarters and rearrange the signal sent out by its servers.

By changing the transponder frequencies, I hope to drive the idiots and morons away from the blogosphere and direct them to Farmboy’s school for blogger reeducation.   They will be taught respect and more importantly not to breed amongst themselves.  Hopefully, when the reeducation process is complete, they will be welcomed back into the blogosphere community as long as they post something worthwhile.  Peace and long life.  Long life and prosper!


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I Should Be A Featured TDO Blogger!








I, like most of Tallahasse.com readers would like to know the criteria of what it takes to become a Tallahassee.com featured blogger.  We’ve got two real estate guys, a radio guy, a weather guy, a black guy who thinks he’s a white guy, a non-profit lady, and a retired criminal investigator lady who now dominate the featured blogs section.  Unfortunately, their blogs stay up an average of three years.  The poor reader’s blog section has an average life expectancy of about 2 hours, one hour if C4BW is having a bad day.  I want to live longer!  I demand to be a featured blogger!  I will be the bovine excreta guy!

I admit that I clicked on real estate guy’s page one day and saw a bunch of charts that gave me spasms.  With the financial crisis going on and there being no liquidity available, who can get a loan to buy a house anyway?  When I started writing this you had five posts displayed.  Try this chart on for size!

Not to be outdone, the weatherman has now made an appearance, and guesses what?  More charts! I don’t like charts without animation.  When I want my weather, I like to see the guy in front of the blue screen and pointing at imaginary images.  Want more?  Dude, you don’t have any Doppler radar.  What good is a weather report without radar?  Check out my chart!

Hey radio guy, you didn’t have any charts but you started talking about the Bible and quite frankly that annoyed the hell out of me.  I want a radio personality to be hooking me up with free concert tickets, not reciting fables.  You should have done something cool like doing a gospel music top ten list.  Because I’m now pissed at you ruining by blogging experience I’ve got a chart just for you!  Rock on dude!

I haven’t seen the black guy that thinks he is a white guy in a couple of days but I am sure that he is composing another 37 paragraph piece of art.  This guy uses big words that people considered to be geniuses have to crack open their dictionaries to know what the fuck this guy is talking about.  I have never read an article of his that didn’t inspire me to call for blog burning rallies.  Take this black guy that thinks he’s a white guy.

You haven’t done anything to piss me off retired criminal investigator lady but because you use to be a cop you do not get a free pass.  I don’t like or dislike the police but I am pissed at the light, lenient, bogus ass punishment the TPD officer’s got over the Rachel Hoffman case.  So all law enforcement deserves a chart today.

So I should be a featured blogger because no one can dish out the bullshit like I can!


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